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Disk art, courtesy of Mr. Ray Schoenherr


Bill Marshall -- Lead and Backing Vocals, Rhythm guitars, Acoustic guitars

Phil Thompson -- Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead and Rhythm guitars

Zack Williams -- Bass Guitar,
Backing Vocals

CD running order Tanya Tobalyas (Tobe) Moore -- Drums, Percussion, Chimes, Recorder, Backing Vocals

Produced by Fununder and
Brian Bart

Recorded at Logic Productions
and Grand Towers Studios

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Mixed and Mastered by Brian Bart at Logic Productions

Recording Engineers -- Brian Bart, Bill Marshall

Graphics by Logic Productions

Front Cover Art -- Dan Davies

Disk Art -- Ray Schoenherr

Still Chasing Prince's Dog!!!!!!

All songs except for tracks 14 and 15 are originals written by members of Fununder.

"Queen of the Rain" was written by Bill Champlin.

"Running Dry" was written by Neil Young.

Please see the CD booklet for song publishing information. All rights are reserved.

Copyright 2006 by Fununder. All rights reserved. A LOGIC recording.

Disk art, courtesy of Mr. Ray Schoenherr Contact: Fununder, P.O. Box 68023, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Bill (612) 788-8948 or Phil (612) 250-0663
or Zack (612) 382-0288 or Tobe (612) 823-5801

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