Disk art, courtesy of Mr. Ray Schoenherr
Words and Music by Bill Marshall.
Copyright 2006, Grand Towers Music.
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Once there was a lovely lady, in the streets of Ohio
Racial strife and segregation, politics of extrication,
Ups and downs, self-emolations, somebody else's machinations,
Bureaucratic regulations, led for a life of desolation
My poor woman!

Angel's love and devil's hate combined in a curious twist of fate
She was a kind of conglomerate nobody else could concentrate
With super-high inflation rates, those ups and downs they'll agitate
My poor woman!

She saw Krishna, she saw Buddha, she saw Jesus and Confucius
And Muhammed and Zoraster -- All the men men call their Master
'Course now there's Maharishi, too, and David Koresh, Sun Myung Moon,
Meher Baba, Prahupada -- maybe more I never thought of
My poor woman, don't you go!

Wednesday is another day, Tuesday was just the same way
But Wednesday I sense a change -- at least that's what I say

This young lady of raven hair, she moved to nobody else's despair,
But she was familiar with all the literature of the modern era
She read Beckett, she read Sartre and Camus,
All their sons of bitches, they were nothing new
Modern plays were her specialty, and she always got a big lift
When they got to the tragic part near the end

She got to the part in Beckett's play, the one where two tramps are waiting
For a mysterious personage that never shows *
She got in the mood from that departure, where the terminal tramp, he turns away,
The other one turns around and hollers:
You know we gotta stick together if we wanna win the day!
He said "don't go, Gogo. No no, don't go, sweet Gogo!"
It touched her deep into the soul,
And suddenly she knew, though she was living in a cosmic hole,
That there's a beauty here that we don't often see or know
Don't go, don't go, my poor woman!

Wednesday is another long day, on the job, earning my pay
Thursday will be just the same way -- at least that's what they say

(Amazing guitar solo by the great master of pyschedelic, FUNUNDER's Phil Thompson!)

Wednesday is another day, some day, things'll change, you wait and see
'Cause Wednesday is not the same, no -- at least that's what we say

* Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett. Read the play to discover the deepest meaning embedded in these multi-dimensional song lyrics.

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